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Macromedia Fireworks 4 - Patterned Canvas Background

The choice for canvas is just a solid color in Macromedia Fireworks. But what if a pattern or gradient is needed for your graphic background?

1. Create a new canvas 300x300.

2. Add a shape or some text.

3. Create a new rectangle shape, using a fill of a style, gradient, texture, or pattern. Check that a stroke is not used.

4. Use the Info Panel to resize it to the exact size of the whole canvas. In this case, it would be 300 x 300. Change the X and Y settings both to 0 (zero). This will move the position of the rectangle to the top left corner of the canvas.

5. Click Modify>Arrange>Send to Back.

And there you have it! A patterned canvas background.

patterned canvas background


6. Trim or Crop the canvas, Optimize and Export.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.


Page updated on April 26, 2003

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